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Distributor of Acorn Stair lifts for Metropolitan NY

Acorn Stair Lift - Superglide Model

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Many people who have a loss of mobility still desire the independence of living in their own home, but find it increasingly difficult to climb up and down stairs.

When you buy a stairlift from the Masters of Mobility, you buy quality, reliability, and the independence of unassisted mobility.

For many years now, people have come to the Long Island Masters of Mobility to both buy a stairlift and a professional installation. Already installed in thousands of homes, Acorn Stair Lifts provides you with safe and reliable accessibility solutions for people who want to trust what they are getting.

With the Acorn Superglide Stair Lift you get:

  • A new Lifetime Warranty
  • Safe DC power
  • Simple joystick operation
  • A bright digital diagnostic display
  • Smooth action when starting and stopping
  • A locked shutdown switch
  • Cushioned and comfortable swivel seat
  • A simplified remote control
  • Safety cut-out sensors
  • Both electronic and mechanical independent braking systems
  • Quiet enough for night time use
  • Simple installation or removal
  • Stair lifts for you to use Outdoor Available
Trust the only Professional Stair Lift Installer in the Metropolitan New York area with over 40 years of EXPERT experience.
  • A professional Long Island based staff with over 40 years combined electromechanical work experience to care for your installation & maintenance
  • Our professional fleet of vehicles equipped with everything required to install  your new stair lift
  • Medicare and Insurance support staff to cheerfully assist you

Find out more about our superior Superglide 120 stair lift by clicking here

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"I couldn't wait to get my new stair lift. Now I feel totally independent again..."

"... (Paul) the install technician was so cheerful and friendly, he knew what to do without leaving a scratch..."

"... installation is  fast and painless..."

"Thank you so much, my indoor and outdoor stair lifts are a dream...!"

"...My Grandmother loves her new Acorn Stair lift so much, it puts a smile on her face every time she uses it ..."

"...I feel so completely satisfied with this stairlift, I should have told myself to get this sooner...!"

"...Lois called me back from your office and told me how to fill out the insurance forms..."

"I feel like I've regained my independence again! You truly are Masters of Mobility!

Distributor of Acorn Stairlifts for Metropolitan NY

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